About Zenphos Press

FROM THE BOTTOMLESS WELL OF SECRETS… deep in the heart of Suburbia, in the mysterious Dry Wit, an objection has appeared. It is a simple thing railing against the vanishing of superlative talent, that was potent enough to conquer the world. However it was cruelly felled before its time and now the shattering doesn’t benefit from books, audiobooks or box sets with high production values.

Three men of varying arts have been self-selected by themselves to seek out the renegades, chastise them mightily using much invective and recapture the magic that has fallen out of publication. They are a mediocre lot….Green-eyed and tense is the Librarian, and a skilled rock wrangler to boot, ancient Gold Coast is learned enough to send mighty machines through the sky, shiny and chrome; and the Banker is fat, impulsive, careless, and some say, amoral. Together with the Mighty Larping Voice, the Contacted Artist, the learned hourly lawyer, they will join forces with fierce Rovac Reading to contend with burning battlefields, magic bottles, and dragons run amok — armed only with modest incomes, time sheets and optimism, they will confront Woolley War, Starving artists and unorthodox accounting practices to rise triumphant with all the right bits!